About Us

Our dogs are Belgian Malinois – an alert, high-energy breed that is very bright, obedient, determined and observant with strong protective and territorial instincts.

They are naturally protective of their owners without being overly aggressive, making the breed excellent for security purposes.

The right training is essential to develop a strong and productive working relationship with a dog. At O-Gah-Pah Pride Kennel.


  • Security & Protection
    • Events & Venues
    • Government & Law Enforcement
    • Corporations & Businesses
  • Detection
    • Foodborne Deadly Pathogen Program
    • Narcotics
    • Explosives
    • E coli
    • Cell Phone
  • Search and Rescue Program
  • Tactical K-9 Courses (2019)


We offer a variety of canine team services to fit the security needs of your specific venue or existing security program.

We realize that each location, event, and security program is different.

Our expert leadership can advise and tailor working dog services to fit the needs of your specific organization.

Call today for more detailed information on our services and to find out how O-Gah-Pah Pride Kennel can work for you!