O-GAH-PAH Pride Kennel, a member of Quapaw department of Public Safety (DPS), has been operating for 3 years serving the Quapaw Nation, protecting its assets, Downstream Casino Resort, and its venues.

The Kennel currently has 7 certified Explosive Detection K9 Teams, 2 Food-Borne Deadly Pathogen Detection Teams, 1 Narcotics Detection Team currently serving the Quapaw Marshals, and the only Arson Detection Team in Oklahoma serving the Quapaw Fire Department.

All our dogs are Multi-Purpose Canines (MPC), performing Tracking and Apprehension, as well as Odor Detection.

As a member of the Quapaw DPS our K9 Teams have served in hurricane disaster areas in Houston, Florida, North Carolina, and Puerto Rico.  In 2019 our Kennel is starting an aggressive Urban Search & Rescue dog program, which will consist of FEMA certified Live Find K9’s and Cadaver Dogs ready to serve as part of the Oklahoma Emergency Response Task Force.

Also in 2019, we will hold tactical training courses with Trainer/Handlers with over a decade of combat experience in Special Operations, predominately with the 75th Ranger Regiment.

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